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My immediate family (Mum's Side)

Anne Margaret Nevin was born on 7th June 1936, in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. She was the fourth of five children to Michael and Margaret Nevin. Her mother died when she was 3 so she was brought up by her father. She came to England in 1957, where she met my grandad James Bates. They married on 23rd July 1960 and had 4 children, the eldest of these was my mum Angela.
James Frederick Bates was born on 14th March 1931 in Windsor. He was the third of five children to Albert and Annie Bates. He married Anne Nevin on 23rd July 1960 and had 4 children, the eldest being my mum.
James suffered a brain heamorrhage on 16th February 1974, which resulted in his death at the age of 42. He is buried in Pinner cemetery, London.
James & Anne married on 23rd July 1960 and had four children :
1. Angela Mary Bates was born on 2nd September 1961. She attended St. Anselms primary school and then Sacred Heart in Wealdstone, finishing her education in 1978. She then worked for Patrick J. Cusack, a solicitors firm, up until 2002 when she moved to work with a friend, who is another solictor.
She married Tim Cory on 26th October 1985 in Harrow and had 3 children -
  • Thomas James (b. 1988)
  • Anna Florence (b. 1990)
  • Helena Ruth (b. 1993)

They (we) currently live in Oxhey, Herts.

2. Anthony James Bates was born on 1st April 1963. He attended Witmore High in Harrow until 1979. He had a son by his partner Christine -

  • Liam (b. 1993)

He married Angie Chubb on 24th August 2004. They currently live in Amersham.

3. Carol Anne Bates was born on 17th December 1964. She attended Witmore High in Harrow until 1981. She married David O'Grady in 1987 and had 3 daughters -

  • Rebecca Anne (b. 1993)
  • Jessica Louise (b. 1996)
  • Caitlin Nicole (b. 1999)

They currently live in Redbourne.

4. Moira Jane Bates was born on 26th July 1969. She attended Witmore High until 1985. She married Philip McElroy in October 1992, and had a daughter -

  • Celia Anne (b. 1994)

Moira currently lives in Southend with her partner Robert and daughter.




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