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Surnames include : Pellow/Bennett/Tonkin/Wearne/James/Oats/Michell/Roberts/Charles

My grandmother's side can be traced back to the early 1500s. The Pellow line branches back to John Pelloe, who married Ann Tremellin in 1740 at St. Erth. They were my great x7 grandparents. There lineage is as follows:
JOHN PELLOE m. Ann Tremellin in 1740.
BENJAMIN PELLOW (1746-1818) m. Ann Phillips (b. 1747) in 1772.
BENJAMIN PELLOW (1779-1840) m. Elizabeth Williams (1782-1858) in 1805.
BENJAMIN PELLOW (1807-1847) m. Elizabeth Hampton (b. 1809) in 1832.
JOHN PELLOW (1833-1912) m. Ellen Hayes (1836-1908) in 1860.
BENJAMIN JAMES PELLOW (1873-1942) m. Katie Tonkin (1875-1938) in 1900.
JAMES COLIN PELLOW (1902-1970) m. Gwendoline Bennett (1902-1990) in 1928.
MARLENE BENNETT PELLOW (b. 1935) m. John Romilly Cory (1932-2002) in 1956.
TIMOTHY IAN CORY (b. 1960) m. Angela Mary Bates in 1985.

1. John Pelloe married Ann Tremellin at St. Erth on 20th April 1740. They had the following children :

Mary (bp. 1741)

John (bp. 1743)

Benjamin (1746-1818), aged 72.

Jane (bp. 1748)

Honour (bp. 1753)

Elizabeth (bp. 1757)


2. Benjamin Pellow was baptised on 9th January 1746 at St. Erth. He married Ann Phillips on 3rd February 1772 at St. Erth and had the following children :

Elizabeth (bp. 1773)

John (1776-1829), aged 52.

Benjamin (1779-1840), aged 61.

Margaret (1782-1869), aged 86.

William (bp. 1784)

Frances (bp. 1786)

Ann (1789-90), aged 1.

James (1791-1841), aged 50.

Ann (1794-5), aged 1.

Ann (1797-1855), aged 58.

Benjamin was buried on 7th September 1818 at St. Erth.


3. Benjamin Pellow was baptised on 4th July 1779 in St. Erth. He married Elizabeth Williams on 3rd November 1805 at St. Hilary and had the following children :

Benjamin (1807-1847), aged 40.

Grace (1810-1852), aged 42.

James (bp. 1813)

Henry (1816-1887)

William (b. 1820)

Richard (1823-1872)

Elizabeth (bp. 1826)

Benjamin was buried on 24th July 1840 at St. Erth. His wife Elizabeth was living with her youngest daughter, Elizabeth, on the 1841 census. The 1851 census showed Elizabeth as a widow, living with Elizabeth and her husband George Bryant. She died in 1858.


4. Benjamin Pellow was baptised on 4th January 1807 at St. Erth. He married Elizabeth Hampton on 28th July 1832 at St. Erth. They had the following children, many of which died in infancy :

John (1831-1912), aged 80.

Grace (b. 1834) *unmarried - she had an illegitimate daughter.

Benjamin (1836-1902), aged 66.

James (Sept-Dec 1837), aged 4mths.

Elizabeth (Apr-Sept 1839), aged 8mths.

Elizabeth (b. 1840)

Nanny (Sept-Dec 1842), aged 3mths.

James (Sept-Oct 1845), aged 1mth.

Richard (May-Nov 1847), aged 6mths.

Benjamin was buried on 21st August 1847, when he was 40. The 1861 census shows his widow Elizabeth living with her daughter Elizabeth and her young family. I think she died soon after as I cannot find her on the 1871 census *note that Elizabeth's father James Hampton didn't die until 1872, when he was 87, therefore I think he outlived his daughter.


5. John Pellow was born in 1831, I believe, but baptised on 26th May 1833 at St. Erth. He married Ellen Hayes on 19th February 1860, although two of their twelve children were born before the marriage.

Elizabeth (Hayes) (b. 1855)

John (Hayes) (b. 1857)

Annie Hampton (b. 1860)

Mary Ellen (1862-1919), aged 57.

Amelia Hayes (1863-1933), aged 70.

Bessie Trevaskis (b. 1866)

John Glasson (1867-1939), aged 71.

Caroline Jane 'Janie' (1869-1962), aged 92.

Sarah Louise (1871-1959), aged 87.

Benjamin James (1873-1942), aged 69.

James Henry (b. 1876)

William (b. 1878)

John's wife Ellen died on 3rd June 1908 when she was 72. John survived her by four years, dying on 3rd February 1912, aged 80. Both are buried in St. Erth. Their two youngest sons, both unmarried, emmigrated to the USA, as well as Bessie, some years after her marriage to Gregory Trevaskis in 1884. *Note that her middle name was also Trevaskis, which was the maiden name of Ellen's mother. That made her Bessie Trevaskis Trevaskis.


6. Benjamin James Pellow was born on 27th March 1873 in St. Erth. He married Katie Tonkin on 23rd September 1900 and had the following children :

James Colin (1902-1970), aged 67.

Evelyn (1904-1928), aged 24.

Kathleen Hazel (1905-1991), aged 86.

                                        Phyllis Dorothy (1908-1999), aged 91.

                       JAMES COLIN m. Gwen Bennett

                       MARLENE BENNETT PELLOW m. John Cory

                       TIM CORY m. Angela Bates

                       *TOM CORY*


My great great great grandfather John Pellow (1833-1912).


My great great grandfather, Benjamin Pellow (1873-1942). Ben suffered a blow to the head when he was thrown from his horse and cart of the Hayle causeway in 1908, as a result he came down with manic depression and was sent to the Bodmin Mental Hospital, where he was well enough to work as a decorator and gardener. He died there in 1942, aged 69.
My grandmother never met him and his name was never mentioned in the house.

My great grandfather Colin with his mother Katie, taken in about 1916

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