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Where do we come from?

One question I have asked myself from time to time, where do we come from? Or more close to the question, where did our ancestors orginate?
The following page gives an understanding of the various parishes and counties that our ancestors once lived.
MY FATHERS SIDE comes prodominantly from Cornwall, both East and West, although the more recent families (after 1880) can be found mostly in the East.
MY MOTHERS SIDE can be traced back to many different places. Her father was born in Windsor, but his parents had both been born in Ireland, his father in Dublin and his mother in Co. Cavan.
My mums mother was born in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, but her father came from Galway and her mother from Carlow. Both her parents (Michael and Margaret) came to Glendalough for work, and met whilst working in the hotel there.





Lambeth, in London, were the male line of BAKER's came from.
My great great great grandfather James Baker left London and went to Kildare, Ireland in about 1864.

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